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NaberSvaly Prague Fitness EXPO will also include a rich accompanying program – lectures, exhibitions, practical demonstrations, competitions and much more. We will continue to update the complete accompanying program.
Amateur Strongman Challenge

CATEGORY: Amateur | LIMIT: 8
PRIZE MONEY: 80.000 Kč

The NaberSvaly Amateur Strongman Challenge will be held for the third time . This time, it will be inside a hall with a thundering audience of several thousand people; which will ensure a wonderful atmosphere, together with the great facilities, professional equipment, and good organization! The NS Amateur Strongman Challenge is a great challenge for everyone who is not afraid of comparing his/her strength with others, and competing in several power disciplines with many prizes. The title of NaberSvaly Challenger, and PRIZE MONEY, which is  a total of 80,000 CZK! 

Professional Strongman Competition

CATEGORY: Professional
PRIZE MONEY: 10.000 €

Ten professional strongmen will compete to get the title of the strongest man in Europe, and to win PRIZE MONEY in the total amount of 10,000 EUR! The strongmen will compete in very attractive disciplines under the supervision of professional referees, and with the complete support of a thundering audience of several thousand people! Experience the real strength!It will be worth it!


* ticket prices for 4 days (19.3) increase!