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NaberSvaly Prague Fitness EXPO (formerly NaberSvaly EXPO + Challenge) is one of the biggest sporting events and fairs in Central Europe, and undoubtedly the best sports fair event in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. The event's main focus is on Fitness, Strongman, Bodybuilding, MMA and other strength and performance sports.

The event focuses primarily on the visitors and contestants - we want everyone to have a great time! That's why we try to put together the best and most entertaining program every year and make the best possible show for each visitor, which we have always managed to do so far, and we believe that this year will be no different.

After last year, which was held in Prague in Arena Sparta in Podvinný Mlýn, we new that we needed to move the event to a larger space. Due to the enormous interest by visitors and exhibitors, which continues to grow, we filled the hall up to the ceiling. Due to the huge positive response from the public and all visitors, partners and exhibitors, we have decided to organize this third year in the largest exhibition complex in Prague so that we can offer you something that is unparalleled in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

 You can look forward to more than a hundred partners and exhibitors with accompanying programs and free tastings, and especially dozens of exclusive people, guests and celebrities (not only) from the sports and fitness world, many attractive competitions, including a professional Strongman competition with international attendance, where the top ten strongest men of Europe will compete against each other, Amateur Strongman Challenge, in which anyone can participate and compare their strength with that of other visitors, and many other accompanying programs, seminars, lectures and entertainment! Of course, each of these competitions offer PRIZE MONEY! Martial arts and MMA fans will also have a good time. 

We can generally say that if you're a fan of bodybuilding, fitness, and strength and performance sports, martial arts, or sports in general, you simply cannot miss this event!“

Preliminary plan of the Event space

TOTAL AREA: 7000+ m2

NaberSvaly Prague Fitness EXPO will be held on the first weekend in June, i.e. June 2 - 3, 2018. It's a two-day event that will take place in the largest and most modern complex we could choose – in PVA EXPO Prague.

The opening of the entrance will vary depending on the type of ticket. The first attendants will be able to enter the venue at 8:00 am. The event will end when the program is finished (about 9:00 pm). 

As the event will take place in June, we don't believe dressing rooms will be necessary. However, there will be paid dressing rooms avaialbe for all visitors. 

Of course, we welcome every volunter with open arms! If you are interested in becoming a volunteer to help our organizing team, write us at the following email address: volunteer@nsfitnessexpo.cz

Are you interested in a partnership, participation in the event as an exhibitor, or another form of cooperation? Contact us at partnership@nsfitnessexpo.cz


* ticket prices for 4 days (19.3) increase!